OnePlus TV: Redefining the Smart TV Experience.

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OnePlus, a renowned name in the smartphone industry, has stepped into the tv screen market using its array of smart TVs. Launched in 2019, OnePlus TV has gained lots of popularity among tech enthusiasts and television lovers. In this article, we will explore the features, specifications, and overall experience of OnePlus TV.

Design and Display

The very first thing that catches the eye whenever you view a OnePlus TV is its design. It includes a sleek and minimalistic design that blends seamlessly with any modern home decor. The TV includes a thin bezel and reduced build quality that offers it reduced feel. It is available in two sizes – 55 inches and 65 inches – and both variants have a oneplus tv 4K UHD resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The display is HDR10+ certified, therefore you get a powerful array of colors and contrast, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Smart Features

OnePlus TV runs on Android TV OS, therefore you get access to the Google Play Store and all the most popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more. The TV also offers Chromecast built-in, allowing you to cast content from your own smartphone or tablet to the TV seamlessly. The remote that accompany the TV includes a sleek design and includes a dedicated Netflix button, rendering it easier to gain access to the streaming service.

Audio Quality

The OnePlus TV includes a 50W 8-speaker setup, including four full-range speakers, two tweeters, and two woofers. The TV also supports Dolby Atmos, which provides a 3D surround sound experience. The sound quality is impressive, and the TV produces rich and clear audio, rendering it great for watching movies, TV shows, and playing games.


OnePlus TV has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, an ethernet port, and a headset jack. It also offers Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The TV posseses an OxygenPlay feature that recommends content based on your viewing history, and you can also control the TV making use of your voice with the help of Google Assistant.

Overall Experience

OnePlus TV provides an overall impressive experience, from design to performance. The smart features and Android TV OS allow it to be easily accessible your favorite streaming apps, and the remote is intuitive and easy to use. The display quality is excellent, and the audio output is impressive. The only real downside is that OnePlus TV is only obtainable in two sizes, and the cost point is higher compared to other smart TVs in the market.


OnePlus TV is really a worthy addition to the tv screen market, and it provides a premium viewing experience. The sleek design, excellent display quality, and impressive audio output allow it to be stand right out of the crowd. The smart features and Android TV OS add to its convenience and allow it to be easier to gain access to your favorite content. If you’re available in the market for a good TV that gives excellent performance and reduced experience, then OnePlus TV is a superb option to consider.